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KH Headshot 2017

Hello and welcome! If you’ve landed here, I’m guessing you have an interest, or initial curiosity, in how I might help you and your organization. Please feel free to take a look around my website. My projects page is a great place to start. If you see a fit between your needs and what I offer, or if you have questions, contact me and I’ll be glad to set up a free, initial one-hour conversation with no obligation.

I’m a senior professional with two masters degrees and a decade of community development and public health experience at local, regional, and global levels. I grew up on the plains of Kansas but have lived and worked around the country, from the upper mid-west to the west coast. I received my bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis in environmental science, and have lived and worked for seven years in Kansas and Missouri to advance the goals and vision of the public health field.

Passionate about co-creating vibrant, equitable communities, I have diverse expertise that I am making available through consulting services to people and organizations who are working to see this vision come alive. I am a collaborative leader interested in helping others to develop effective partnerships and tell their story in a way that’s meaningful and memorable. Let me use my expertise to help you enhance your organizational structure and culture, identify ways to advance social and health equity in the decision-making process, and create opportunities that empower communities (and your organization) to thrive.

References are available upon request.

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