Kansas City, MO, CHIP Planning

KCMO AccreditationIn 2019, I was selected to Chair an Ad Hoc Community Health Improvement Plan workgroup to guide revisions to the KC-CHIP. The KC-CHIP focuses on the lowest life expectancy zip codes and most marginalized populations, where individuals live substantially short lives than the rest of the city. The work of the Health Commission is focused on improving the life expectancy for the individuals in these areas, as well as the rest of the City. The Health Commission is a voluntary board appointed by the Mayor to guide and advise the KCMO Health Department. I have been serving on the Health Commission since October 2018.

With input from fellow Health Commissioners and health department staff, I:

  • recommended several cross-sector organizational representatives who were then appointed to the committee by Commission Co-Chairs,
  • work with health department staff and the committee to use the MAPP framework for gathering stakeholder input, including utilization of the Forces of Change, Community themes and Strengths, and Public Health System assessments,
  • meet regularly with health department staff,
  • plan agendas for committee meetings and facilitates meetings,
  • and move the committee’s work forward to prepare recommendations for adoption by the Health Commission by mid-2020.