Subject Matter Expertise

The public health field is increasingly interested in cross-sectoral work to support vibrant and equitable communities, yet public health practitioners often do not know the language, needs, or goals of the sectors with whom they seek to partner. My experience working within seven different sectors, including industrial manufacturing, food service/hospitality, government, community development/non-profits, education, marketing/communications, and environmental services, serves as a bridge for communication and mutual understanding that can lead to working partnerships.

Technical assistance and training is available by phone, email, Skype, or in person. Expertise include: evidence-based physical activity interventions, community design and planning for pubic health, healthy food systems and access, approaches to addressing health and social equity, public health evaluation, and evidence-based programs for lifestyle change.

Contact me to let me know what you are working on and get more information on how I can assist you and your organization.

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