The questions any team should be able to answer about their program or project are: 1) did it accomplish what you intended, 2) why or how did it work or not work, and 3) what can be improved? Evaluation is a necessary and ongoing component of any project or program, no matter how big or small, especially for those in the grant-funded world. The data you collect and report on can mean the difference between being funded or not. More importantly, the data you collect and report on can mean the difference between truly benefiting people and the community, or engaging them in a project or program that has unintended negative consequences.

I provide assistance in developing and carrying out the evaluation methodology, which is the plan that will help guide what information is collected, why it’s being collected, and how it will be collected, analyzed, and disemminated. A specialized form of evaluation that I provide assistance on is Health Impact Assessment (HIA). An HIA is a tool for assessing how a proposed project, policy, or program could impact health and equity. It provides recommendations to decision-makers for how to support positive and equitable health outcomes and mitigate negative and inequitable health outcomes through their decision-making process.

Health and social equity are issues I actively consider and work to address through any work I undertake with clients.

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kcya-student-health-beh-eval.jpg   Topeka HIA